If you hate the e-book, you’re stuck with it. The retailer’s button might say “buy now,The Spectrophotometer is an instrument which measures the amount of light of a specificed wavelength which passes through a medium.” but you are in effect only renting an e-book – or an iTunes song – and your rights are severely limited. That has been the bedrock distinction between physical and electronic works since digital goods became widely available a decade ago.

That distinction is now under attack, both in the courts and the marketplace, and it could shake up the already beleaguered book and music industries. Amazon and Apple, the two biggest forces in electronic goods, are once again at the centre of the turmoil.

In late January, Amazon received a patent to set up an exchange for all sorts of digital material. The retailer would presumably earn a commission on each transaction, and consumers would surely see lower prices.We offer both wet & dry Diamond polishing pad. Both are suitable for marble, granite, concrete and most masonry.

But a shudder went through publishers and media companies.White soft Floor polishing pad for 15 inch machines. Ideal for high gloss dry polishing buffing of polished sealed floors. Those who produce content might see their work devalued, just as they did when Amazon began selling secondhand books 13 years ago. The price on the Internet for many used books these days is a penny.

The US Patent and Trademark Office published Apple’s application for its own patent for a digital marketplace last week. Apple’s application outlines a system for allowing users to sell or give e-books, music,Titanium Pipe is made by cold rolling process from extruded pipe blanks. They are widely used in heat exchangers and off-shore equipment. movies and software to each other by transferring files rather than reproducing them. Such a system would permit only one user to have a copy at any one time. Meanwhile, a New York court is poised to rule on whether a startup that created a way for people to buy and sell iTunes songs is breaking copyright law. A victory for the company would mean that consumers would not need either Apple’s or Amazon’s exchange to resell their digital items. Electronic bazaars would spring up instantly.

“The technology to allow the resale of digital goods is now in place, and it will cause a dramatic upheaval,” said Bill Rosenblatt, president of GiantSteps, a technology consulting firm. “In the short term, it’s great for consumers. Over the long term,Highly capable, 3-axis non-contact video measuring machine, suitable for both simple shop-floor quality control and advanced manufacturing inspection applications ... however, it could seriously reduce creators’ incentive to create.profile projector is a shop tool used by designers and quality control technicians to view the profile of small machined parts as magnified image on screen.”